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Information Sheets

To assist schools when planning visits to the Bluebell the Railway has produced a series of Information sheets which provide background information about the development of railways as a whole and the  Bluebell Railway inparticular. These are designed to provide information across arange of subjects in a straight forward uncomplicated manner suitable for a range of age groups.

Information Sheets Available to Download

School Visits Leaflet - short school visits leaflet providing an outline of the format of the day. - see School Groups page.
A. Teachers' Information Pack and B. Risk Assesment - see Preliminary Visit and Risk Assesment page.
C. Along the Line for Schoolsa guide to features of the Railway likely to be of interest to schools.
D. Layout Plan of Sheffield Park Station
E. Sheffield Park Museum

 1. Geography

1a. Route of the Bluebell Railway between Sheffield Park and East Grinstead

1b. Showing the route of the Bluebell Railway and associated lines

1c. Showing the Lewes and East Grinstead Railway (Bluebell Line) and other Sussex lines

2. Power

2a. The main parts of a locomotive

2b. The development of the railway locomotive

2c. Identifying the type of locomotive

2d. Cross section of an earlier locomotive showing the basic parts

2e. Diagrams showing the action of the valve and the piston

2f. Arrangement of the cab fittings of a standard locomotive

2g. Driving a steam locomotive

3. Levers

3a. The Signalling System

3b. Points

4. History

4a. The development of the railway coach

4b. Railway tickets

4c. The Victorians

4d. Prominent local people

4e. Prominent Victorian Railwaymen

4f. The Lewes and East Grinstead Railway in Wartime

5. Younger Pupils

5a. Colouring SheetStepney
5a. Image of Stepney

5b. Wordsearch and Answers

5c. Wordsearch and Answers

5d. Quiz 1

5e. Quiz 2

5f.  Picture Quiz

6. Mathematics

6a. Lewes and East Grinstead Railway 1882 Timetable

6b. Passenger Survey 1953

7. Other

7a. On location with the Railway Childrenthe Thames Television film.