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Stepney Club

Aside from formal School Visits, the Bluebell provides younger children between the ages of three and eight with opportunities to learn about the Railway through the medium of The Stepney Club. The aim is to foster an interest in railways, steam locomotives and our railway heritage; a sort of Thomas the Tank Engine for the discerning.

Stepney is our figurehead engine - he was the first engine to come to the railway in 1960 and featured in his own book (no.18), "Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine" by the Rev. W. Awdry.

Members of the Stepney Club receive and can enjoy:

* A badge, membership card and discounted travel on the Bluebell Railway at any time.

* A card from Stepney on their birthday

* A magazine every four months containing stories, pictures, puzzles, information about upcoming events and letters and drawings from members

* A stepney club carriage on one of our Santa trains at Christmas with half price tickets for members and their families with a free raffle and lucky dip for club members and their siblings

* A summer event - either a birthday party for Stepney on the railway or an outing to a railway themed venue The cost is £8 for a years's membership, £12 for two years and £16 for three years.

You can download a form from the below link.

Stepney Club Form

If you require further information about the Club this can be obtained from the Membership Secretary Gerry Smith - stepneyblue@hotmail.com