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Disabled Access

At our stations

Level access is available from each of the station drives. Our stations have bridges or subways connecting the platforms, but those with walking difficulties or wheelchairs can be escorted by our station staff via a ramped crossing between the platforms. On occasions at Sheffield Park, such access may be blocked by the position of a steam locomotive on the end of its train, and patience may be required. It is therefore advisable to ask our staff to help you cross well before the train is due. Guide Dogs are most welcome on the Bluebell. Train destinations are indicated both visibly with traditional "finger boards" and through audible announcements. Our station staff will be pleased to give visitors any help or assistance that they may require.

Sheffield Park

Marked parking bays near the coach parking area, close to the main station entrance are reserved for wheelchair passengers. Suitable toilet facilities are available on the ground floor in the "Bessemer Arms" restaurant building. Ramped access and paved gangways can be found within the main Loco Shed for viewing the locomotives. The shop on platform 1 and the museum on platform 2 are both accessible, as is the bar on the ground floor of the Bessemer Arms, where a full meal service is normally available. The staff may be able to assist in arranging for the buffet service from the first floor to be made available in the ground floor dining area.

Buses on Service 246 run Fridays only, UCKFIELD - SHEFFIELD PARK are equipped to carry passengers in wheelchairs. For more information and booking, telephone RIDER Services, East Sussex County Council, Lewes: 01273 478007.

Horsted Keynes

At the midpoint on the railway the toilet facilities all date from the 1880s, and are spacious but otherwise not converted. Being based around old railway coaches, the various exhibitions and shop on Platform 1 are not wheelchair accessible, but the new carriage exhibition is. The shop and buffet on platforms 3-4 are small but none-the-less are at platform level, as is part of the public viewing area in the carriage workshops at the south of platform 5. Parking may be arranged with the station staff on arrival.

East Grinstead

Marked parking bays next door to the main entrance are reserved for wheelchair passengers. Suitable toilet facilities are available along from the Grinsteade Buffet. The Travel centre, Grinsteade Buffet and main platform are all easily accessible for wheelchair users. 

On our trains

One of our carriages has been extensively modified with double-doors, wheelchair lifts and an open saloon. Please give the Sheffield Park office a ring in advance to find out if this wheelchair-accessible saloon is operating, and if so on which train, if more than one is in the timetable. At present wheelchair passengers are also carried in any carriage brake-van, with access via a portable ramp. Thus all of our trains (except when formed of the Observation Car on its own) can carry at least a couple of wheelchairs, but the special saloon provides a much more enjoyable way to travel, and can accommodate larger parties with entirely flexible seating and a panoramic view from the windows.