New For 2017

We are pleased to introduce:

  1. Smaller family price
  2. Purchase Neighbours’ card to travel at half price, see our offers page for full details
  3. Carers go free (proof maybe required)

Ticket Type



Family (2 + 3)

Smaller Family (1 + 3)

3rd Class All Line Return £19.00 £9.50 £49.00 £35.00
Bluebell Bonus 3rd Class £16.00 £8.00 £44.00 £30.00
ATOC Priv £9.50 £4.75
BRPS Member £9.50 £4.75 £24.50 £16.50
Group £13.50 £6.75
Schools/Cubs/Brownies etc. Up to 5 adults FREE,
Additional adult £13.50
From £9.50
Dog £2.00 Assistance dogs free

Single fares and Part line fares are available, please contact us for more information.

Different fares may apply on Special Event Days, please visit the events page for more information.

  • Bluebell Bonus Tickets offer a discount and must be purchased in advance and are valid for unlimited travel on the date specified at the time of purchase. They must be paid for and purchased at least 8 days in advance of travel and refunds are not possible under any circumstances.
  • Bluebell Bonus Tickets are not available for special event days, Observation Car Specials, Santa Specials, Victorian, Pullman or other catering services.

Station Admission




Sheffield Park £3.00 £1.50
Sheffield Park – no trains FREE FREE
Horsted Keynes £2.50 £1.00
Kingscote £1.50 £1.00
East Grinstead – special event days only £1.50 / Other dates FREE