The Bluebell Times

It’s a Terrier Special this month as we get ever closer to Fenchurch’s 150th Anniversary Bash

In this issue:


  • Preparations are underway for Fenchurch’s Birthday – including a special guest coming by ferry!
  • The story of how a locomotive designed to work in the London suburbs in the 1870s was still hard in the southern countryside at work 90 years later
  • Updates from Horsted Keynes as renovation work starts – and news of another generous donation to the Jewel in the Crown appeal
  • ’Stowe’ departs for overhaul work at Quainton – while ‘Wightwick Hall’ travels the other way to help with our summer services

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June 2022

  • The company chairman paints a picture of how the Railway could appear to our visitors of the future
  • A round up from the recent BRPS AGM
  • Five minutes with new BRPS Vice Chairman Neil Glaskin
  • A new home for the Yankee Tank No. 30064
  • Work starts on “The Jewel in the Crown”
  • A walk along the Forest Row line in 1963
  • New museum photos capture Beachy Head at Horsted Keynes in the 1950s, and Fenchurch in the 1960s.

May 2022

  • A reminder of the forthcoming Society AGM – and reciprocal travel arrangements for working volunteers
  • From shop floor to board room, opportunities aplenty to help the Railway
  • An update on the Western Extension Project
  • Fenchurch is back on its wheels – and the boiler is progressing rapidly as well
  • Carriage Shop donates £4,000 to two worthy restoration projects
  • Bluebell Standards caught in passing at Horsted Keynes

April 2022

  • Some good news on coal supply – but costs have gone up considerably
  • Initial feedback from the spring volunteer workshops
  • The Awake the Giant team reveal plans for the locomotive to move south – and a range of merchandise
  • Update on projects from around the railway
  • On this day in 1951 – Fenchurch and a Brighton Atlantic met in Newhaven, a pairing we can soon recreate

March 2022

  • Flying Scotsman to fly south again
  • Storm Eunice leaves the railway battered but unbowed
  • Plans for the miniature railway gather pace
  • The Jewel in the Crown appeal formally closes having raised a tremendous £591,500 – now the work on the ground can begin
  • The museum unveils a new trove of historic images

February 2022

  • An update on the first volunteer workshop – with two more opportunities to attend
  • How our South Eastern survivor traces its roots back to Glasgow
  • The Heritage Skills Centre section of OP4 is open – find out how the project started and raised the all-important funds
  • Workshop progress on ‘Fenchurch’ and our historic wagon fleet
  • More historic photos added to the museum website – and a promise of another trove to come.

January 2022

  • Unique surviving South Eastern Railway locomotive No. 65 is acquired by the Bluebell Railway Trust
  • The Jewel in the Crown appeal hits its initial fundraising target – but more match funds have been released to raise even more
  • A packed schedule of special events for 2022 …
  • … and a commercial round up from 2021
  • The C&W trimming team are the first to move into the new Heritage Skills Centre
  • The Bluebell archive moves to a new home at Beare Green
  • Workshop progress on ‘Fenchurch’, ’Sir Archibald Sinclair’ and No. 30541

December 2021

  • Updates from the latest board meeting pointing the way to 2022
  • Dates for next year’s volunteer workshops confirmed, and details of how to attend
  • A last push needed to get the Jewel in the Crown appeal up to its target of £540,000
  • ‘Remembrance’ nameplate from the LBSCR memorial locomotive goes on display in the museum
  • Five minutes with new Society trustee and filming liaison officer Mike Hopps
  • 500 new photos are uploaded to the museum website – including the beginnings of the John Scrace collection
  • A new footbridge for East Grinstead mainline station

November 2021

  • The Jewel in the Crown appeal is off to a strong start – but there is still time to see your donation doubled
  • A young 9F Club member raises money for the appeal – by selling lemonade
  • Bluebell volunteer Chris Cooper is awarded a lifetime achievement award by the National Transport Trust, after more than sixty years dedication to the Railway
  • How volunteering in our museum led to a second career as a community rail line officer
  • The Heritage Skills Centre is signed off for use — and the carriage trimming team are first to move in
  • A photo retrospective from our hugely popular ‘Giants of Steam’ event
  • Local signal box name boards on display in the museum
  • An alien presence in SteamWorks!

October 2021

– Paul Churchman is elected to be the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society chairman
– A welcome boost to the Jewel in the Crown appeal from the Horsted Keynes Carriage Shop
– Bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson visits the Railway
– An East Grinstead porter’s second life in print, parliament and far-flung places
– Behind the scenes in the carriage shed as two more vintage carriages approach completion
– Enjoying the tranquillity of our Memorial Garden
– The Awake the Giant group launch a photographic competition
– A walk along the ‘Jungle Line’ in 1959

Special issue – The Jewel in the Crown appeal

  • The Grand Plan for Horsted Keynes
  • The condition of the station – and how you can help restore it to its former glory
  • A history of the station, in words and pictures
  • Behind the scenes photos from some of the many films and TV productions shot at the station
  • A story of the life – and death – of an Edwardian railway worker at the station.

September 2021

  • A reminder about the upcoming Bluebell Railway Preservation Society AGM, including all the candidates standing for election
  • The latest news from the volunteer co-ordinator
  • A selection of new dining trains for the autumn
  • Uprated power supply installed at Horsted Keynes
  • An update from the team raising money for locomotive No. 92240
  • A round-up of the 60+1 anniversary weekend in words and photos
  • Historic railway scenes from the Bluebell Railway Museum Archive, taken on 10 September past

August 2021

  • Appointments of a new Chairman and Locomotive Engineering Director
  • A wartime locomotive icon hired for the summer season
  • Two visitors announced for “Giants of Steam”
  • An update on progress with the Heritage Skills Centre
  • More photos of the line on the eve of preservation in 1959

July 2021

  • Appointment of a volunteer co-ordinator
  • Use your skills to help the Bluebell Railway Trust with fundraising and accounting
  • The arrival of ‘Crompton’ D6570
  • A round up of activity in our carriage and wagon workshop
  • A walk along the line in July 1959
  • The end of steam on 9 July 1967 – on the Western Region!

June 2021

  • Details about the first events of 2021
  • An update on the arrangements for the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society AGM
  • The future for our splendid Pullman Train
  • Readers’ reaction to the pressures on our carriage fleet
  • Pictures from the Sheffield Park gift shop following its refit
  • The Bluebell Railway Museum – 10 years on
  • Buy a limited edition 60th anniversary cushion – and support the Heritage Skills Centre
  • And much, much more

May 2021

  • News of Fenchurch’s overhaul as our oldest locomotive approaches its 150th birthday
  • The pressure to maintain our carriage fleet
  • Update on plans for our 60+1 anniversary
  • The launch of our new Kingscote virtual tour
  • Five minutes with a former naval pilot now kept busy at Horsted Keynes
  • An original song celebrating the rhythm of our locomotives

April 2021

  • More virtual tours coming soon
  • A new addition to SteamWorks!
  • A special Easter message from the Railway’s chaplain
  • An in-depth look at ‘Camelot’

March 2021

  • Updated schedule of events for 2021
  • Government promotion of our virtual tours
  • Memories of trainspotting in the 1960s

February 2021

  • Details of a surprise 100th birthday present for a lifetime member
  • A closer look at H class locomotive No. 263
  • Detailed information on how smoke deflectors work
  • Your help needed identifying some old photos
  • Puzzles with links to local branch lines

January 2021

  • Wishes from across the Bluebell Railway for 2021
  • An honour from the Queen for one volunteer
  • The first virtual tour using some of the Government’s grant money
  • Three generations of one family who all volunteer at the Railway
  • An update on the tender plate from SE&CR Stirling F class No. 31

December 2020

  • Christmas greetings from the Railway’s chaplain
  • Reports and photos on the start of SteamLights
  • Reasons to feel positive about 2020
  • News of sponsorship deals for equipment for the locomotive department
  • How the filming generator van was prepared for SteamLights
  • An update on the appeal to return the 9F to traffic
  • A festive Spot the Difference competition

November 2020

  • A review of the “Off the Rails” event showcasing goods trains and vintage vehicles
  • How the locomotive department reached “Peek” performance in its cleaning
  • Suggestions for Bluebell-related Christmas presents
  • Auction success in obtaining one of the nameplates for ‘Ardingly’ locomotive
  • Word Search puzzle about Railway Works
  • Down Memory Line and On This Day with tales of yesteryear

October 2020

  • Help support the Railway at no cost to yourself
  • Searching railway auction catalogues for items of interest
  • A day on the footplate with a visiting charter
  • Down Memory Line and On This Day
  • Guess the Year and Word Search puzzles

September 2020

  • Details of the Bluebell Railway’s heritage grant from the National Lottery fund
  • Reports on the completion of the Accessible Steam Heritage (ASH) project in SteamWorks! with the installation of a ramp for footplate access and new buffer stops.
  • The story behind the Elton John album cover photo opportunity
  • More tales of working goods trains
  • A debate over the colour of The Bluebell Railway nameplate
  • Guess the Year and Word Search puzzles

Issue 11

  • Reports and photos of the Grand Reopening at Sheffield Park station
  • The view from the platforms and from the footplate are covered in depth alongside the Virtual Gala for those who couldn’t be there for the anniversary weekend.

Issue 10

  • Find out why there’s more to being a Train Guard than waving green flags and blowing whistles
  • A closer look at one of our industrial locomotives which featured in the 50th anniversary celebrations
  • An explanation of why train crews regard the line as effectively a staircase
  • A themed Word Search puzzle to coincide with the 60th anniversary
  • New puzzles as well as the regular favourites

Issue 9

  • Details of the limited edition 60th anniversary souvenir Edmondson tickets
  • Learn more about the married couple who cover everything from footplate turns to filming liaison
  • A closer look at the oldest locomotive at the Bluebell
  • Find out how Sheffield Park station got its name
  • What goes on inside the museum
  • New puzzles as well as the regular favourites

Issue 8

  • A report on the reopening after the pandemic of our twin railway in the Netherlands
  • TV coverage of one of our locomotives … in a programme about paintings
  • What a Running Foreman does at the railway
  • The second and final part about living on the site of a former railway station
  • A personal rundown of the top 10 railway films
  • New puzzles as well as the regular favourites
  • Special kids’ section with a new challenge

Issue 7

  • Meet the couple who live on the site of a former railway station
  • Find out how a loco was rescued from the scrapyard and restored
  • Read about ‘A Day in the Life’ of a senior station master
  • New puzzles including a Spot the Difference challenge
  • Special kids’ section with a carriage shed shunting puzzle

Issue 6

  • The initial plans for a phased reopening of the railway
  • Closing in on the fundraising target for the Emergency Appeal
  • Details of a ‘Virtual Track Trek’ sponsored walk
  • The start of the 60-day countdown to the railway’s 60th birthday
  • New puzzles as well as the regular favourites
  • Special kids’ section with a new puzzle and evacuation story

Issue 5

  • A major milestone is reached in the emergency fundraising appeal
  • Details of how to nominate the railway for more money
  • A family connection to our new-build locomotive
  • Photos from the month of May in years gone by
  • An in-depth look at a locomotive which some call a “spaceship”
  • New puzzles as well as the regular favourites
  • Special kids’ section with a signalling challenge

Issue 4

  • Raising funds for the railway’s recovery
  • An update on plans to celebrate 60 years of heritage running
  • How the online shop is bringing a little magic into youngsters’ lives
  • Storytime with the Bluebell Railway
  • Plans for a virtual gala of Bluebell Railway locomotives
  • A profile of a locomotive driver nicknamed ‘Yeti’
  • The story of special Bluebell Railway postage stamps
  • An in-depth look at one of our operational locomotives
  • A new Word Search and the answer to the previous puzzle
  • Guess the Year – plus the answers to the competition in the last issue
  • Special kids’ section with a World War II-inspired game

Issue 3

  • Details of the railway’s fundraising strategy
  • An update on the emergency appeal
  • Branch Line Weekend as imagined by a train guard
  • The story behind the special cardboard Edmondson tickets
  • The connection between digital election graphics and directing fundraising
  • The next instalment of the memories of a wartime evacuee
  • An in-depth look at one of our operational locomotives
  • A new Word Search and the answer to the previous puzzle
  • Guess the Year – plus the answers to the competition in the last issue
  • Special kids’ section with puzzles and a story

Issue 2

  • The story of the first member of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society
  • Life as a wartime evacuee by train
  • An in-depth look at one of our bigger locomotives
  • How “Railway Time” came and went
  • A new Word Search and the answer to the previous puzzle
  • Guess the Year – plus a bonus question from a reader
  • Special kids’ section

Issue 1

  • Life as a train driver
  • An in-depth look at one of our locomotives
  • Update on the emergency appeal
  • Word search
  • Guess the Year
  • Special kids’ section