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Stamford in industrial service Avonside (Works No. 1972)
Stewarts & Lloyds No. 24 ‘Stamford’

Wheels: 0-6-0ST
Built: 1927
Owner: Bluebell Railway
Placed on loan to Rocks by Rail, Cottesmore, 1998.

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A rather more typical industrial locomotive than the others in the Bluebell’s collection, it has never been used on the Bluebell. At one time, during a national coal shortage, consideration was given to overhauling it and returning it to traffic as an oil-burning locomotive. However, with no forseeable use for it on the current-day Bluebell Railway it has been placed on long-term loan to a museum close to its original industrial working territory, and is to be restored to working order.

It was initially stored off-site, but has now moved to the Rutland Railway Museum (now known as “Rocks by Rail”) site.

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