Emergency Appeal

March 23

Along with other businesses responding to the global coronavirus public health crisis, the Railway has decided to close until further notice.

It is a difficult time for everyone, and people’s personal health is the most important issue.

The closure comes just before the start of the Railway’s busier period, and plans were to open five days a week from the beginning of April and then daily from May. The biggest source of income for the Railway is general fares from the visiting public, so the closure has severely affected our finances. We were closed in any case during January and so only have the fares money from February half-term and a couple of weekends in March.

So, along with other heritage railways, we have decided to launch an appeal (see below) for donations in the hope that anyone who wishes to continue to support the Railway can do so even if they can no longer visit. No-one knows how long the closure will last, so the more money the appeal raises, the better position we will be in when we eventually re-open.

Whilst we recognise, of course, that many may be giving extra to those support services and charities that need more help, we hope everyone understands why we have launched the appeal. We wish all our staff, volunteers and visitors our best wishes during this exceptionally difficult period.

Please stay safe and keep well.

  • Paul Bromley, Communications Director