Lost Property

Find out if your lost property has been handed in, and how to claim it back.

Email: enquiries@bluebell-railway.co.uk or call 01825 720800 to report a lost item.

Collection point: Sheffield Park Station, Sheffield Park, East Sussex TN22 5YD

Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

With relation to returning lost property items via post, we can provide this if the customer in question is willing to pay for the required postage. Payment can be taken when contacting and speaking with our Customer Service team when retrieving items of lost property. 

Credit and debit cards

We do not keep or take enquiries for individual credit or debit cards – these are securely destroyed when found.

Contact your bank immediately to report the loss and arrange a replacement.

Money can be claimed up to 12 months from the date of loss.

Hazardous, objectionable or perishable items

We do not keep or take enquiries for lighters, e-cigarettes, foodstuffs, soiled clothing, highly flammable substances or other items that may be hazardous to store.

Unclaimed items

Items which remain unclaimed after 4 weeks from the date of loss becomes the property of the Bluebell Railway Plc.

We remove and securely destroy any personal data. Then, we donate the property to charity or recycle, dispose of or sell it. We do not hold specific auctions for unclaimed items.