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2022 Bluebell Wagon 2

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2022 Bluebell Railway Limited Edition 6  wheel tanker. OO Gauge.


There used to be a dairy at Sheffield Park,  “The Mid‑Sussex Dairy Company” were on a site opposite Sheffield Park Station, and one churn with a brass plate inscribed “Sheffield Park to Buckingham Palace” went daily on the 11.25 a.m. train and during Cowes Week the cream was sent addressed “H.M. The King, Cowes”.  Otherwise he milk went chiefly to South London , only a small amount going south to Brighton.  The decline of the carriage of milk by rail took much the same course as other industry and by the 1930’s had largely moved to road haulage, when the dairy closed.

We have taken a bit of artistic licence in imagining that the milk business had really taken off and warranted their livery on the wagons going up to London, and let’s imagine that with the advent of Milk Tankers that the dairy had remained as the Mid-Sussex dairy rather than the Express Dairy (who by the 30’s had taken over the company) so we offer for the 2022 first edition this Van, and for the second edition a matching 6 wheel tanker design.

The tankers will be marked with Mid Sussex livery, along with the Sheffield Park name.


Weight 200 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm