31-086A GWR 32XX ‘Earl’ 9018 BR Black (Early Emblem)


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3200 (Earl) Class 9018 BR Black Early Emblem Weathered


Built: 1936 – 1939

Built for: GWR

Designed by: Charles B. Collett

Duties: passenger

Wheels: 4-4-0



• Adjustable tender draw-bar length

• Fully detailed and decorated cab interior

• Copper cap chimney

• Hinged tender fall-plate



The Great Western Railway 3200 Class was a class of steam locomotive with 4-4-0 wheel arrangement and was nicknamed ‘Earl’ or ‘Dukedog’ class. These passenger train locomotives were composed of former Duke class boilers on Bulldog class frames. They were one of the last steam locomotive classes to retain outside frames.


The first prototype conversion retained its Duke number and name, but the others took new numbers in the 32xx series and were given the names of Earls who had some connection to the GWR. The names were removed and re-applied to Castle Class locomotives in 1937.


In 1946 the whole class was renumbered 90xx upon the delivery of new 2251 Class engines. Only one member of the class survives in preservation at the Bluebell Railway, No. 9017 (3217).