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An entire DCC system in the palm of your hand! This 1.5 Amp system can operate 2 or 3 HO/OO sized trains, or 4 N scale trains. This cab provides all of the capability and ease of use that you’ve heard about in NCEs Power Pro system, at an entry level price. Installation is a snap. Hook two wires to your track and plug in the cab. You’re off and running trains!

The PowerCab kit contains:

  • Power Cab Handset
  • 7′ Power Cab Cable
  • PCP Power Panel
  • UK Power Supply – Not just an adapter
  • Pro Cab Coiled Cord
  • Manual

The Power Cab is NCEs entry level starter system, with everything you require in the box, except loco decoders. The starter set allows you to have one additional throttle such as the Cab06e or ProCab attached along with the USB Interface that will allow you to program decoders, operate software throttles (or even wireless handsets via JMRI), control points and signals.

NCEs nothing wasted philosophy provides you with two different upgrade paths, if you decide you need to expand.

Option 1 – Upgrade to using the SmartBooster 5,
This give you…

  • 5 Amps system.
  • Up to 6 handsets
  • The ability to unplug and move your handset about while the loco carries on moving.
  • 3 cab bus accessories such as AIUUSB or Mini-panels

What this does not give you is a separate programming track, you will still need to use the PCP Power Panel that came with the PowerCab if you wish to do read/write programming.

Option 2 – Upgrade to either the PH-Pro or PowerPro system.
This gives you..

  • 5Amp system
  • Up to 63 handsets.
  • The ability to run up to 250 locos simultaneously (Additional boosters required)
  • Built Computer Interface.
  • Separate Programming track.
  • The ability to unplug and move your handset about while the loco carries on moving.
  • The ability to provide feedback over the computer interface from the AIU boards.

The PH-Pro is the combined command station and booster, while the PowerPro set contains the PH-ProProCab and UTP faceplate.


Manufacturer : NCE
SKU : 524-042
EAN : 816757010236