R3852 DVLR, Ruston & Hornsby 48DS, 0-4-0, 417892 ‘Jim’ – Era 8


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R&H No. 417892 left Boultham Works on 25 August 1958 fitted with the newer R&H VRH engine: No. 441501, ordered by Sir William Arrol & Co. Ltd at Glasgow’s Parkhead Crane Works.


In 1975 the locomotive was sold on to Crossley Scrap Merchants in Shipley, where it worked until 1982. Sold into preservation, 417892 was restored and moved to the Derwent Valley Light Railway at Murton Park on 18 August 1990, where it still resides.


Hornby are delighted to feature this R&H No. 417892 locomotive- perfect as a gift for any train collector or for one’s self.