51-251C OO9 Scale Peco/Kato Small England locomotive “PALMERSTON” (Maroon)

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51-251C OO9 Scale Peco/Kato Small England locomotive “PALMERSTON” (Maroon)



  • 00-9 narrow scale model 1/76 9mm gauge
  • Equipped with coreless motor realizing smooth and stable run characteristic to Kato’s steam locomotives.
  • Wearing traction tires, the locomotive is capable to draw 3 passenger cars made by “PECO” on a flat plane.
  • Details are accurately reproduced including the humorous form peculiar to saddle tank, handrails and piping.
  • The minimum negotiable radius: R117 for the locomotive alone, R216 for the locomotive drawing passenger cars made by “PECO”.
  • DC / Analogue only but can be modified for DCC fitting by the end user
  • DCC decoders can be installed by modifying the locomotive.
  • Equipped with KATO Arnold coupler, and supplementary PECO coupler.