Bachmann 391-053 Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0 Tank ‘Dorothea’ Dorothea Quarry Lined Green

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Bachmann 391-053 Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0 Tank ‘Dorothea’ Dorothea Quarry Lined Green

We are proud to present the stunning Bachmann Narrow Gauge OO9 Scale model of Quarry Hunslet Steam Locomotive ‘Dorothea’ in Dorothea Quarry Lined Green livery. Barely larger than a 9V battery, this diminutive model still packs a punch with its diecast boiler and running plate, accompanied by a wealth of separately fitted details including handrails, valves, springs, brake shoes and cab controls. The 0-4-0ST wheel formation is faithfully modelled, with authentically-profiled wheels running in metal bearings ensuring smooth running, powered by a coreless motor with flywheel, and with a 6 Pin DCC decoder socket for those wishing to use the models with a DCC system. NEM coupling pockets feature at both ends, into which standard OO9 scale couplings are fitted.


  • Bachmann Narrow Gauge OO9 Scale
  • Era 2
  • Pristine Dorothea Quarry Lined Green livery
  • Named ‘Dorothea’
  • Etched Name Plates and Works Plates Included
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Powerful Coreless Motor and Flywheel
  • Detailed and decorated cab interior
  • Equipped with a 6 Pin DCC Decoder Socket
  • Length 58mm (over couplings)


  • Late-type ‘Port’ Enclosed Cab
  • Angled Frames
  • Piston Access Holes in front Bufferbeam
  • Backhead Injectors
  • Ramsbottom Safety Valves
  • Riveted Water Tank
  • Wrap Around Tank Handrail
  • Twin Smokebox-mounted Lubricators
  • Blower supply fitted to right hand side of locomotive

‘DOROTHEA’ HISTORY (with grateful thanks to The Quarry Hunslet website)

Built for Dorothea Quarries in 1901, works No. 763.  Dorothea made its debut after restoration during 2004.