DAPOL 2S-013-008 9F 92189 BR Unlined Black late crest

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9F 92189 BR Unlined Black late Crest

The BR Standard Class 9F was designed by Robert Riddles as a heavy freight locomotive being able to run at speed over a long range. In total 251 9F’s were built at Crewe or Swindon between 1954 and 1960. The final locomotive ever to be built by BR was a 9F and was especially named as `Evening Star’ and was liveried in Brunswick Green, a colour usually reserved for express passenger locomotives. The 9F was considered very successful and was utilised in some areas of the country to haul passenger services where its exceptional power and range offered considerable advantages.

Over its relatively short life, attempts were made to improve the design of the 9F, for example the inclusion of the Franco-Crosti boiler and water pre-heater. However, in the main these developments were not considered to be successful with the only exception being the addition of the double blast pipe and chimney which became standard from locomotives built after 1957 and was retro-fitted to a handful of previously built 9F’s.

Several 9F’s survive into preservation including Evening Star in the NRM at York.

The Dapol 9F includes the following features:


  • Finely moulded body and tender with many separately added fine details
  • Painted cast Wheels with fine relief and detail
  • DCC ready
  • Dapol’s tender drive system that delivers power to the locomotive wheels
  • Heavy Diecast components
  • Super-Creep motor for controlled pulling power and fine slow speed control
  • Sprung front pony
  • Accessory bag with spares and optional extra detail parts
  • Multi wheel electrical pick up
  • Factory fitted traction tyres for enhanced haulage capacity