Rapido Trains OO Gauge 15xx GWR ‘1500’ DCC Ready 904007

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Rapido Trains OO Gauge  15xx GWR ‘1500’ DCC Ready 904007

The ‘15XX’ featured a very short wheelbase for negotiating tight curves and, with outside cylinders and Walschaerts valve gear, the bottom end design was said to have been inspired by the USATC ‘S100’ 0-6-0T (Southern ‘USA’).

Prototype Fact Built: 1949 (Ten built) How long did they last? The ‘15XX’ fleet was withdrawn by BR between 1959 and 1963. Three were used by the NCB until 1969. Where did they work? The majority were based at Old Oak Common shed for moving coaches to and from Paddington station. Others worked in South Wales. Can I see one? No. 1501 is based at the Severn Valley Railway.

Here’s the specification of our

  • ‘OO’ gauge model:
  • Designed from original works drawings and a wealth of photographic material
  • Die-cast construction
  • Quality mechanism
  • Next18 decoder socket
  • NEM coupler pockets
  • Sprung buffers
  • Key detail changes between individual locomotives