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80151 at Sheffield Park - Steve Lee - 18 August 2019

Locomotive Stock List

BR Standard 4MT 2-6-4T class No. 80151 was rescued from Barry scrapyard in 1974 by a group based in Essex, and came to the Bluebell Railway in 1998, entering traffic in 2001. It is now in its second period of operation on the Bluebell following an overhaul undertaken between 2015 and 2019.
Photo by Steve Lee, taken on 18 August 2019 at Sheffield Park
This stock list provides access to photographs and web pages for each engine. The Operational Locomotives page gives more detailed information about those you will find working the
trains, and the Locomotive Roster indicates which we expect to be working on any particular day.
The Bluebell Railway has the UK’s largest and most comprehensive collection of locomotives from the former Southern Railway and its three main constituents. It also, surprisingly, has the largest collection of BR standard design steam locomotives. This is the finest collection outside of the National Railway Museum in York and Shildon, and many are unique survivors of their particular design (indicated *). Bold is used to inicate date of construction.

London Brighton & South Coast Railway (LB&SCR)
672 ‘Fenchurch’ A1-class “Terrier” 0-6-0T 1872  Overhaul in progress
55 ‘Stepney’ A1X-class “Terrier” 0-6-0T 1875  Static display, awaiting overhaul
B473 (‘Birch Grove’) E4-class* “Radial Tank” 0-6-2T 1898  Static display, awaiting overhaul
32424 ‘Beachy Head’ H2-class* “Brighton Atlantic” 4-4-2  reconstructing this 1911 locomotiveBLUEBELL ATLANTIC PROJECT

South Eastern Railway (SER)
65 O1-class* 0-6-0 1896 (rebuilt 1908)  Available for service

South Eastern & Chatham Railway (SE&CR)
592 C-class* 0-6-0 1902  Static display, awaiting overhaul
263 H-class* 0-4-4T 1905  Available for service
27 P-class 0-6-0T 1910  Overhaul in progressPROJECT 27
178 P-class 0-6-0T 1910  Static display, awaiting overhaul
323 ‘Bluebell’ P-class 0-6-0T 1910  Static display, awaiting overhaul

London & South Western Railway (L&SWR)
30583 (488) 415-class* “Adams Radial” 4-4-2T 1885  Static display, awaiting overhaul
96 ‘Normandy’ B4-class “Dock Tank” 0-4-0T 1893  Static display, awaiting overhaulBulleid Society web page

North London Railway (NLR)
27505 “Goods Engine”* 0-6-0T 1880  Static display, awaiting overhaul

Great Western Railway (GWR)
9017 ‘Earl of Berkeley’ “Dukedog”* 4-4-0 1938  Static display, awaiting overhaul

Southern Railway (SR)
1618 U-class 2-6-0 1928  Static display, awaiting overhaulMaunsell Loco Soc web page
1638 U-class 2-6-0 1931  Static display, awaiting overhaulMaunsell Loco Soc web page
928 ‘Stowe’ V-class “Schools” 4-4-0 1934  Overhaul in progressMaunsell Loco Soc web page
847 S15-class 4-6-0 1936  Available for serviceMaunsell Loco Soc web page
30541 Q-class* 0-6-0 1939  Available for serviceMaunsell Loco Soc web page
WD 1959 (30064) USA-class “Dock Tank” 0-6-0T 1943  Static display, awaiting overhaul
21C123 ‘Blackmoor Vale’ Bulleid “West Country” 4-6-2 1946  Static display, awaiting overhaulBulleid Society web page
34059 ‘Sir Archibald Sinclair’ Bulleid “Battle of Britain” 4-6-2 1947 (rebuilt 1960)  Overhaul in progressBulleid Society web page

British Railways (BR)
73082 ‘Camelot’ Standard Class 5 “Standard Arthur” 4-6-0 1955  Intermediate overhaul in progressCamelot Loco Soc web site
75027 Standard Class 4 4-6-0 1954  Static display, awaiting overhaul
84030 Standard Class 2 2-6-2T* 1956  Under restoration/conversion to tank engineBR STANDARD CLASS 2 TANK PROJECT
(originally 2-6-0 No. 78059)
80064 Standard Class 4 2-6-4T 1953  Static display, awaiting overhaul
80100 Standard Class 4 2-6-4T 1955  Ex-Barry Scrapyard condition, stored awaiting restoration
80151 Standard Class 4 2-6-4T 1957  Available for service
92240 “9F” Standard Class 9 2-10-0 1958  Static display, awaiting overhaulAWAKE THE GIANT

United States Army Transportation Corps
6046 USATC S160-class 2-8-0, Baldwin Locomotive Company 1945  Visiting the Bluebell until late October 2021

Ex-Industrial locomotives
3 ‘Captain Baxter’ Fletcher Jennings* 0-4-0T 1877  Static display, awaiting overhaul
4 ‘Sharpthorn’ Manning Wardle K-class 0-6-0ST 1877  Static exhibit at Horsted Keynes
957 Howard 4w p.m.* 1926  Nominally available for service
10241 Sentinel/Rolls-Royce 4w d.h. 1966 (rebuilt Thomas Hill, No.247V, 1973)  Available for shunting in C&W yard

British Railways Diesel locomotives
D4106 (09018) Class 09 350hp Shunter 0-6-0DE 1961  Operational
D6570 ‘Ashford’ (33052) BRCW Type 3 “KA-2B” (Class 33/0) 1961  Undergoing overhaul

* indicates a unique survivor of its type/class.
Many of these locomotives are on static display in SteamWorks! and the Loco Shed at Sheffield Park when not in use.
For safety reasons, those undergoing repairs in the Loco Works are not accessible.
The steam crane is listed in the Wagon Stock List.

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