Bluebell Railway is closed until further notice due to the national lockdown.

We will be contacting all customers with an existing booking by email.
Please keep an eye on our website and social media channels for further updates and information about reopening.

Keep your distance

Social distancing should be observed at all times to keep you and our staff safe with a minimum distance of 2 metres.

Be prepared! Bring a face covering

Face coverings must be worn in public places such as on the platforms, in the museum and SteamWorks! and when boarding or alighting from the trains in accordance to Government guidance.

Pre-booked compartments and seats

All our seats and compartments from 3 December are pre-booked. Visitors must be in a single household or support bubble while travelling and follow the ‘Rule of 6’ when not onboard our trains.

Extra space in open dining carriages

We have allowed space on the dining carriages to enable social distancing.  This means that once all are boarded and under way, you can remove face coverings to enjoy your meal, replacing them before you alight.

Food hygiene

All meals are hygienically pre-plated. All our serving staff have been fully trained, will be wearing face coverings, and will follow the government guidelines for serving of food and drinks. 

Enhanced cleaning

A new regime of enhanced cleaning across the railway means that compartment and dining carriages will be cleaned between every return trip. Toilets will be cleaned more regularly and special attention paid to hard surfaces like door handles. Where possible, doors will be open to reduce that risk.

Follow signage

To help with social distancing, one-way systems are in place on station platforms and around our museum and SteamWorks! exhibition. Please obey the instructions, except in the case of an emergency evacuation.

Hands-on interactives

Where social distancing is possible, we will open interactive exhibits, but we ask that you use hand sanitiser before and after use and that you wait your turn at a safe distance. These exhibits will be cleaned regularly by our stewards.

Open windows

Unlike modern trains, we have the luxury of being able to open all our train windows to help with a healthy flow of fresh air. However, please do not lean out of windows as indicated by signage, as this can be dangerous.

Be Prepared! Hand sanitiser

We recommend that you bring your own supply of hand sanitiser and wipes. However, we do have a number of hand sanitising stations around the railway that you can use, for example, before you enter the shop.  Our shop has a limited number of face coverings and sanitiser for sale, but we cannot guarantee they will be in stock on the day of your arrival.

Covid-19 Safety FAQs