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The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

23 July 80151 smokebox detail - John Sandys - 22 July 2021


  • John Sandys provides an album of photos and videos from yesterday, which was another very warm day at the Bluebell, with two locos in steam, the Q-class in charge of a Wedding Special, and No. 80151 (seen here) on the service train.
  • Tickets are now available for our Teddy Bears’ Picnic, a great family day out which will be running across the August bank holiday weekend, 28–30 August.
  • Tickets are still available for our first Sussex Gin Train tomorrow afternoon. Booking closes tonight.

22 July 35028 at Mill Place Cutting - Derek Hayward - 27 August 2019


  • Merchant Navy Pacific No. 35028 ‘Clan Line’ is confirmed to be making a very rare visit to a heritage gala for our Giants of Steam event on 8 – 10 October. The gala will offer an intensive and varied timetable showcasing a varity of engines from the BR Southern Region. Alongside 73082 ‘Camelot’, Standard Tank 80151 and Q-class 30541, we are currently in negotiations for another visiting locomotive to fit the Southern Region theme. More updates, timetables and ticket information will be available soon.
    Derek Hayward’s photo shows its only previous passenger turn on the Bluebell, one return trip as a test run on 27 August 2019, after it had received a bogie inspection and maintenance using our wheel-drop.
  • Our Model Railway Weekend (31 July – 1 August) just got a little bit bigger as we welcome Bentley Miniature Railway’s 7 1/4 inch gauge layout, on which you can enjoy a ride through our loco yard. Book your ticket here.
  • The Carriage Shop at Horsted Keynes, selling previously owned Railway Books & Models to raise money for Bluebell Railway projects, is open this weekend: Saturday 24 July – 11am to 4pm and Sunday 25 July – 9.30am to 4pm.
  • News Update Another update is available here, featuring work done on Monday and Wednesday this week on SR Queen Mary Brake Van No. 56290. The photos below show the west side having had its first top-coat, and some of the new veranda floor planks being fitted.

West side of the Queen Mary - Richard Salmon - 21 July 2021 New veranda floor planks being fitted to the Queen Mary - Richard Salmon - 21 July 2021

21 July Crane engine in action - Richard Salmon - 18 July 2021


30541 on one of the two public trains for Road Meets Rail - David Cable - 17 July 2021

  • David Cable’s photo shows SR Q-class No. 30541 on one of the two public trains for Road Meets Rail on 17 July. We had four locos in steam each day over the weekend (the Q, S15, 80151 and the O1), once a minor repair to the S15 was completed, with two service trains, a wedding train on the Saturday and a lunchtime dining train on the Sunday, and one locomotive shunting goods wagons and doing run-pasts at Horsted Keynes with the goods train.
  • Our new East Grinstead second-hand book shop is now open, selling railway books, magazines and DVDs as well as novels.
  • News Update Another news update for the rapid overhaul of SR Queen Mary Brake Van No. 56290 to enable it to carry passengers on brake van rides at the forthcoming 60 plus 1 Diamond Anniversary gala (6-8 August). The photo below from Sunday shows the replacement doors now painted in primer – more photos in the News Update.
  • News Update The team working on BR Standard 2MT tank No. 84030 have recently returned to work on the project. The first edition of their new 84030 Rebuild Project Newsletter is now available via the Project page. It also contains an appeal for new volunteers to join the project since, for a variety of reasons, not all the old team have returned after the lockdown.
    The photo below by Tony Sullivan shows a trial fitting of the reversing gear.

15 July 80151 at Horsted Keynes - John Sandys - 14 July 2021


  • Photo album from yesterday thanks to John Sandys when Standard 4 tank No. 80151 was in action, in place of the rostered S15 No. 847, as seen at Horsted Keynes in this photo from the album.
  • The Carriage Shop reopens for the Road meets Rail event being held at Horsted Keynes station this weekend. The shop is on Platform 1 at the station and will be open on Saturday 17th from 9.30am to 5pm and Sunday 18th 9.30am to 5pm. Alongside a vast selection of second hand books are a large range of model railway locos, carriages & wagons, toy & model cars & buses, Thomas the Tank Engine toys, vintage bound magazines, SR time tables, puzzles, posters, pictures, photos and many more collectables!
  • Update to the web page for Bulleid Open Third No. 1482 adding details and a photo of its recent (and as yet incomplete) rolling intermediate overhaul and re-trim, as seen in Dave Clarke’s photo below.
  • News Update New C&W News page created for the present intermediate attention (including two new doors and new floor planks) being given to SR Queen Mary Brake Van No. 56290 to enable it to carry passengers on brake van rides at the forthcoming 60+1 Diamond Anniversary gala (6-8 August). Matthew Lander’s photo below shows the state of the work as of last weekend.

Retrimmed interior of 1482 - Dave Clarke - 25 November 2018 West side of Queen Mary undercoated - Matthew Lander - 11 July 2021

13 July
Road meets Rail event, 17–18 July
This coming weekend sees our Road meets Rail event, which is a traditional steam fair featuring working traction engine displays, miniature engines, goods trains and a steam driven children’s fair, taking place at Horsted Keynes Station. All day tickets, to start from any station, are available online in advance (with a discount), and on the day from our booking offices. Admission tickets without travel, for the displays at Horsted Keynes, will be available on the day.
On the Saturday, visitors to the event will be able to extend their day long into the warm summer evening and enjoy live classic rock at Horsted Keynes, provided by Sussex band, The Magpies. The bar will be open and for those with train travel tickets, a late train service will operate to get people back to East Grinstead and Sheffield Park.
Our timetables (inluding locomotive allocations) for the weekend can be found here (pdf).
In line with Government guidelines applicable until 19 July, the following safety measures will apply:
Face Coverings must be worn in all public places at the railway such as platforms, in the museum and SteamWorks! They should also be worn when boarding, alighting and travelling on trains. Face coverings are not required when visiting open air exhibitions in the fields at Horsted Keynes Station.
Socially distanced seating – Our onboard seating capacity has been reduced to allow for a comfortable, socially distanced journey. Passengers are asked to practise social distancing at all times.

Tender side - Fred Bailey - 11 July 2021


  • News Update Update from the Brighton Atlantic Project.
    Fred Bailey’s photo on the right shows the tender, with the external double-skin now in place. There is much more detail and other news and photos in the update.
  • With theatrical productions now feasible again, our Murder Mystery evening dining trains now resume, and you can download PDFs for Murder Mystery evenings for the remainder of 2021 and also now make bookings for Murder Mystery evenings in 2022.
  • News Update Another couple of photos showing Sir Archibald Sinclair’s painted bogie and wheels, and crank axle have been put up on The Bulleid Society’s web site.
  • News Update An update is now available on the PROJECT 27 blogspot concerning the overhaul of SECR P-class No. 27. This gives an indication of the way forward in the very short term, together with some news on the marketing side. There will be new items available in the Project 27 online shop.
    Project 27 will be having sales stands at the forthcoming modellers weekend (31 July – 1 August), and will also be there on all three days of the BLUEBELL 60+1 event (6-8 August). Additionally Stuart Bardouleau will (hopefully) have his 5 inch gauge ‘Stepney’ in steam for the first time in many a long year! It is also hoped, but not yet confirmed, that Loco No. 27 will be available for inspection over the weekend. This is dependant on many factors, many outside our immediate control.

10 July July 2021 edition of Bluebell Times

  • News Update The July 2021 edition of Bluebell Times has more details of what is planned for our 60+1 Anniversary Gala – and how we have marked the landmark anniversary over the last few years.
    It also covers:
      – Appointment of a volunteer co-ordinator
      – The Bluebell Railway Trust looking for help with fundraising and accounting
      – The arrival of ‘Crompton’ D6570
      – A round up of activity in our carriage and wagon workshop
      – A walk along the line in July 1959
      – The end of steam on 9 July 1967 – on the Western Region!
      – And much more.

Loco Shed scene - John Sandys - 9 July 2021


  • An album from yesterday from John Sandys showing the S15 on the service trains together with a look around Sheffield Park, featuring the loco shed (photo, right), the shop, the flower borders, and SteamWork!
  • John Arkell’s photo below, taken yesterday whilst he was painting one of the rooms in the new Heritage Skills Centre at Horsted Keynes, shows work by our Infrastructure team to cast the reinforced concrete retaining wall protecting the new septic tank being installed for the station, which is sited behind OP4.
  • Les Haines’ photo shows the result of last winter’s work researching, recreating, painting and installing a new wooden door just as it would have been originally, on the concrete Southern Railway Fogman’s hut south of Kingscote. The hut has been relocated slightly; it was adjacent to the site of the original Up Distant signal on what was then a double-track line (so was the distant for the Up platform starter). The hut was starting to slip down the bank, and so was also moved about 20 yards further north, re-establishing a correct relationship with a signal post, now the Up Home, which controls entry to Kingscote’s passing loop.

Retaining wall being cast - John Arkell - 9 July 2021 Fogman's hut south of Kingscote - Les Haines - February 2021

6 July S15 with 'The Pioneer' near Caseford Bridge - David Cable - 4 July 2021


  • David Cable’s photo shows Maunsell S15-class No. 847 with one of Sunday’s “The Pioneer” service trains just North of Caseford Bridge.
  • News Update An update on the overhaul of 34059 ‘Sir Archibald Sinclair’ is now available on The Bulleid Society’s web site. John Fry’s photo below shows the locomotive’s trailing truck, now fully overhauled.
  • We are pleased to add that The Bulleid Shop at Sheffield Park has reopened. It has a wide selection of secondhand railway books as well as secondhand model railway items and other gifts and souvenirs. It is open each Saturday and Sunday and will also aim to open on a Wednesday subject to volunteer availability. Please call in and support the restoration of their locomotives and rolling stock.
  • Jack Lamb’s photo, below, from 31 May shows the SECR O1 and H-class locos on that day’s service train, adjacent to the public footpath just North of Horsted Keynes.

Sir Archie's trailing truck - John Fry SECR locos north of Horsted Keynes - Jack Lamb - 31 May 2021

2 July S15 with 'The Cricketer' at Rock Cutting - David Cable - 30 June 2021


  • David Cable’s photo shows Maunsell Q-class No. 30541 with the “Riviera” Cream Tea service at Leamland Bridge on 19 June.
  • We currently have job vacancies for a Catering Supervisor and a Chef de Partie.
  • Another chapter unfolds in the Bluebell story. As per the notice issued on Tuesday, Class 33 No. D6570 ‘Ashford’ has arrived at Sheffield Park! In consequence, there is a new web page now published for this locomotive.

    It is seen here in Mike Hawkins’ photos being loaded onto the low loader at Wittersham Road yesterday evening, and unloaded at Sheffield Park just after mid-day today. Mechanically it is believed to be in relatively good condition, but will receive some maintenance, as well as bodywork repairs, before it enters service, as a “Thunderbird” locomotive, and to cover potential periods of high fire risk when we might otherwise have to suspend our services, as explained in this pdf document published on Tuesday..

D6570 being loaded at Wittersham Road - Mike Hawkins - 1 July 2021 D6570 ready to be unloaded at Sheffield Park - Mike Hawkins - 2 July 2021

1 July S15 with 'The Cricketer' at Rock Cutting - David Cable - 30 June 2021


  • David Cable was out working with one of our volunteer maintenance gangs on the lineside yesterday, and was able to catch this shot of S15 4-6-0 No. 847 on “The Cricketer” service train at Rock Cutting.
  • Nicholas Tozer’s video on YouTube shows No. 847 in action on “The Cricketer” service on 29 June. The train is seen at Sheffield Park, Horsted Keynes and East Grinstead.
  • News Update The Southern Electric Traction Group, custodians of the Bluebell’s 4VEP unit, have announced today that Armstrong Powerhouse, the market-leading producer of high-quality add-ons for the consumer computer game Train Simulator, are supporting the SETG’s restoration of unique 4VEP No. 3417. You can read full details here (pdf) of this massive step forward in their efforts to bring 3417 back into passenger service.
  • The Bulleid Society web site has a piece about Malcolm Root’s latest painting (“The Last Spark”, featuring Bulleid’s Leader, see below) which will be produced as a low print run if sufficient orders are received. Malcolm has offered a contribution from the prints sold towards the overhaul of No. 96 Normandy and No. 21C123 Blackmoor Vale. Full details here.
  • News Update Updated and enhanced news page for the overhaul of LBSCR 5-compartment 3rd carriage No. 328. The second image below shows the current state of the carriage, with the roof timbers now mostly fitted.

Malcolm Root's painting of the Bulleid Leader 328 in carriage works - Richard Salmon - 6 June 2021

29 June H-class 263 and O1-class 65 doule heading a service train - David Cable - 13 June 2021


  • David Cable’s photo from Sunday 13 June shows our pair of operational SECR locomotives double heading “The Pioneer” service train.
  • Tickets for our Model Railway Weekend (31 July – 1 August) are now on sale.
  • SteamLights tickets will be on sale TOMORROW from 3pm
  • News Update Update to the page for the current overhaul of Stroudley Terrier ‘Fenchurch’, including Nicholas Smith’s photos (as below) showing Fenchurch’s frames on the traverser outside the workshop at Statfold Barn taken earlier this month.
  • Members may be interested to read this pdf document about current Diesel Developments. Class 33 No. D6570 ‘Ashford’ (below, photo thanks to Derek Hayward, 19 September 2006) is expected to move from the Kent & East Sussex Railway by the end of this week, and will be owned by the same group of Bluebell Locomotive Department members who own and maintain the Class 09 shunter D4106. It will be hired for use on the Bluebell on an as-required basis.
    On arrival at the Bluebell Railway, it will not enter service immediately, however the new owners will implement a re-commissioning programme to ensure the locomotive is reliable before being available for service and at the same time undertake a number of bodywork and roofing repairs to make the loco weathertight.
    For the full story: read the pdf.

Fenchurch's frames on the traverser outside the workshop at Statfold Barn - Nicholas Smith - 12 June 2021 D6570 'Ashford' at Tenterden - Derek Hayward - 19 September 2006

27 June 'Aquila' prior to unloading at Sheffield Park - David Jones - 28 May 2021


  • David Jones’ photo shows “Golden Arrow” Pullman Car ‘Aquila’ about to be unloaded on 28 May. The S.A. Smith rig arrived during the evening of the 27th from Buckfastleigh, then unloaded on the 28th with the wheels of the Pullman ‘touching down’ on Bluebell metals at 9.08 am. You can read more about how this privately owned vehicle, which has come to the Bluebell on a 30-year loan, fits into our Pullman strategy, in this document: Sustaining Our Wonderful Pullman Train (pdf).
  • A notice has been published concerning the 2021 BRPS EGM and AGM (pdf).
  • News Update The intermediate overhaul of ‘Camelot’ is making good progress, with the boiler tested and back in the frames, and Heritage Painting having completed a touch-up (where required) and repaint (otherwise). Mechanical work is progressing, and when it returns to service later in the summer it will have a new boiler certificate with the potential for another ten years use. For more information and photos, see the 73082 Camelot Locomotive Society’s Facebook page.
  • The Virtual Tour of Sheffield Park now includes a look around our newly re-fitted shop.

June 2021 edition of Bluebell Times

  • News Update The June 2021 edition of Bluebell Times includes:
      – Details about the first events of 2021
      – Readers’ reaction to the pressures on our carriage fleet
      – Pictures from the Sheffield Park gift shop following its refit
      – The Bluebell Railway Museum – 10 years on
      – Buy a limited edition 60th Anniversary cushion – and support the Heritage Skills Centre
      – And much, much more.
  • John Sandys’ photos and videos from his visit on Thursday, with S15 No. 847 in charge of The Cricketer Service Train, including the photo of that locomotive, below, whilst running round its train at Sheffield Park.
  • Keith Leppard (a Bluebell Railway volunteer) has updated his earlier book on the Bluebell (written to mark the Railway’s extension to East Grinstead), to bring it up to date for our 60 + 1 Anniversary year, including a series of behind-the-scenes explorations. It is modestly priced at just £8, and is available from our shop – see cover below.

S15 847 shunts at Sheffield Park - John Sandys - 24 June 2021 Keith Leppard's book, available from our shop

21 June No. 65 at Horsted House Bridge - David Cable - 19 June 2021


  • We now have details available for our 2021 Special Events with tickets now on sale for the first one, our Road meets Rail event on 17–18 July, which is a traditional steam fair featuring working traction engine displays, miniature engines, goods trains and a steam driven children’s fair, taking place at Horsted Keynes Station.
  • David Cable’s photo on the right shows SECR O1-class No. 65 at Horsted House Bridge amid the ox-eye daisies on Saturday. This will be one of the next sections of track to be relaid (hence the piles of sleepers seen alongside the track). 80151 had hauled the first two trains that day, but a leak in the water tank level indicator meant that the O1 substituted for the final round trip; 80151 was back in service for the evening dining train.
    His photo below, taken on 13 June, shows the Q-class with the Lounge Car catering train.
  • My apologies for having not updated this page for a month – who knew taking retirement could make one so busy! I will try harder – Richard.
  • John Sandys’ has a gallery of photos from 24 May, from which is taken that below right showing 80151 during its run-round having arrived back at Sheffield Park. John also provides some more taken on 11 June.

Q-class with dining train - David Cable - 13 June 2021 80151 at Sheffield Park Station - John Sandys - 24 May 2021


  • A new magazine, Trackside, which is written by and for railway preservationists, has just launched, and in the first issue there’s a six-page article by Colin Tyson about the jewel in our crown and the challenge which is our massive 5-platform Horsted Keynes station, which needs £1.8 million spending on it, for which we will hopefully be able to start raising the funds in the autumn.

Trackside Magazine - launch issue, cover Trackside Magazine article on Horsted Keynes

20 May 80151 with the bluebells at Birchstone Bridge - David Cable - 20 May 2021


  • We are open again, and trains ran today! David Cable’s photo here and below shows BR 4MT tank No. 80151 with a train of mainly side-corridor compartment stock, enabling our passengers to be safely segregated in family groups. This service is known as “The Pioneer”, and is running daily until 6 June, and then at weekends. You can book in advance here.
    If compartments remain available, platform ticket holders at Sheffield Park may purchase remaining compartments, including tickets for solo travellers, on the day. Tickets for July will go on sale soon.
  • “The Sussex Cricketer” is the name given to the trains running on Mondays to Fridays from 7 June, for which tickets are also available.
    This summer special service has been named to commemorate 125 years since the occasion in May 1896 when 25,000 people travelled to Sheffield Park to watch a notable cricket fixture against Australia. Spectators included HRH Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) and banners lined the route between the railway and the gardens of Sheffield Park. The National Trust have a more information about the importance of Sheffield Park to the development of international cricket!
  • The second photo below is from John Sandys taken today at Sheffield Park, and shows our newly refitted shop. More of John’s photos from today are available here.

80151 near Sloop Bridge - David Cable - 20 May 2021 Refitted shop at Sheffield Park Station - John Sandys - 20 May 2021


Q-class on a training run - David Cable - 16 May 2021


15 May Sheffield Park webcam - 15 May 2021


  • We have added another 5 webcams, at Kingscote and East Grinstead, to the pair already at Sheffield Park. These are operating today, and this capture shows the SR Maunsell Q-class ready to depart with the 2.30pm test train today, as we renew staff training this week ahead of the relaunch of public services on Thursday.
  • Tickets are still available for some of the “Pioneer” timetabled trains, but many of the catering services have already sold out.

H-class in the maintance area at HK - Richard Salmon - 11 May 2021

The H-class was at Horsted Keynes on Tuesday, and is seen here about to shunt the generator van (BY 404) from the maintenance pit to join a set being prepared for some filming work (we seem to have had quite a bit of that recently, providing some very much needed income). The Metropolitan Railway coaches then went over the pit to prepare them for operation in a few weeks time. The Mk.1/Bulleid side-corridor set will initially be used on the public services.

May 2021 edition of Bluebell Times


  • News Update The May 2021 edition of Bluebell Times includes:
      – News of Fenchurch’s overhaul as our oldest locomotive approaches its 150th birthday
      – The pressure to maintain our carriage fleet
      – Update on plans for our 60+1 anniversary
      – The launch of our new Kingscote virtual tour
      – Five minutes with a former naval pilot now kept busy at Horsted Keynes
      – An original song celebrating the rhythm of our locomotives
      – And much, much more.
  • You could sponsor Beachy Head’s Whisle Valve…
    There’s an updated list of items which are available to sponsor for the Atlantic, including many parts for the tender.

7 May Bluebell Virtual Tours


  • We are pleased to launch our new virtual Kingscote tour. This tour gives you chance to explore our stations wherever you are – and includes areas areas not usually open to the public, such as the booking office and the signal box.
  • Tickets are now on sale for trains during Half Term week, and weekends in June. Also new are the Pie and Mash Lunch Specials.
  • The loco roster has also been updated to cover the re-opening period.
  • News Update BR Standard 5 No. 73082 ‘Camelot’ has passed its out-of-frames boiler steam test, with the leaking foundation ring it had now totally cured. The boiler will be painted silver over the next few days, and the cladding is due back from blasting and priming next week. The work done will re-set its 10 year certificate.
  • Derek Hayward has re-organised his photos of the Ardingly Branch into four collections, and there are new historical photos from Eric Kemp and Nick Mander in the Ardingly Station and Haywards Heath sections.

28 April

  • We remain on course for public re-opening on 20 May. The main public trains are The Pioneer (all visiting groups have their own private compartment or segregated seating bay) and on Saturdays, the Cream Tea Riviera service and tickets for the first few weeks are on sale here. This year sees the return of full discounts for BRPS Members, and membership is worth considering if you may visit us regularly.
  • Tickets are selling out fast for the first few of our popular Fish & Chip Specials
  • Our free re-launch trains for BRPS members on 19 May are now fully booked.
  • News Update Realtime Trains to sponsor restoration of unique 4VEP EMU
    Details of the sponsorship arrangement for this Bluebell-owned unit (photographed below at Strawberry Hill depot by Richard Salmon on 13 April this year) are available in this Press Release.

VEP 3417 at Strawberry Hill - Richard Salmon - 13 April 2021


S 27730 - Alan Elliott - 29 January 1984


  • 10T Ballast Wagon S 27730, which was formerly resident on the Bluebell, now has its own web page, thanks to photos by Alan Elliott (right) and Gerry Bixley. Built as a 10 Ton Open Goods wagon in 1928 by the Southern Railway, to a London, Brighton and South Coast Railway design, 27730 was an Isle of Wight vehicle in Southern days, and was converted to a service vehicle for the electrification work there in 1966. In 1980 was purchased for preservation by the Bluebell. It subsequently returned to the Isle of Wight, where it was restored to its 1930s condition in 2007.

9 April April 2021 edition of Bluebell Times


  • The April 2021 edition of Bluebell Times includes:
      – More virtual tours coming soon
      – A new addition to SteamWorks!
      – A special Easter message from the Railway’s chaplain
      – An in-depth look at ‘Camelot’
      – Electric Vehicle charging points installed at Sheffield Park, funded from the Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage grant
      – Memories of Fire Service Emergency Services Weekend 2002
      – In our Museum: The New Devon Pottery’s “Bluebell Railway” range
      – Five Minutes with … Sam Bee
      – Recruitment starts for our next plc Chairman and Locomotive Director
      – And much, much more.
  • Tickets for the BRPS Members’ Specials on Wednesday 19 May are booking fast. These services are free of charge for BRPS members, and can be booked here.

7 April 31263 on shed at Three Bridges - Peter Quilley - 31 May 1963


  • This photo of our H-class, No.31263 (as it was then), taken by Peter Quilley at Three Bridges on 31 May 1963, has been added to the web page for the locomotive.
  • A collection of photographs of the early years of the Bluebell Railway, taken around 1968 – 1970 by Eric Kemp, is now available online thanks to Derek Hayward.
  • Project 27 now have an online shop, with most of the postable items which are usually available on their sales stands, plus a few “special” items only available on line. They often add new items so do keep popping back. See: The Fenchurch Fund – Project 27 Shop (on
    Project 27 can also take donations via this shop, but if you are able to give with Gift Aid you are advised to use the Project 27 Virgin MoneyGiving Page.
  • News Update
    The Bluebell Railway has been awarded £272,400 in the second round of grants from the Culture Recovery Fund to help us move towards reopening. Read more about this news here.
  • News Update More updates on progress with Camelot’s intermediate overhaul on The 73082 Camelot Locomotive Society Facebook Page. Members of the owning group have been cleaning down and re-painting the dragbox. The repaired (and mostly new) ashpan is ready, the new tubes are in the boiler, which has been filled with water and will have preliminary checks this week running up to a hydraulic test in the presence of the boiler inspector which is scheduled for 12th April. An out-of-frames steam test will follow and then reassembly can begin.

29 March Provisional re-opening date - Thusday 20 May


  • Provisional re-opening date – Thursday 20 May
    Please see our announcement about re-opening the Railway to the public after the current lockdown. Tickets will go on sale at 11am on Wednesday 31 March.
  • We will initially be running The Pioneer service as well as luncheon and evening dining and afternoon tea trains. More information regarding the timetables will be available shortly.

27 March Announcement - 11am on 29 March - Photo: Andrew Strongitharm


  • Keep your eyes peeled…
    Make sure you check our website and social media channels at 11am on Monday (29 March) to find out more.

    (Photo: Andrew Strongitharm)
  • The Bluebell Railway Goods Division’s lastest “Ready To Run” wagon model is now available to pre-order:
    OO Gauge Southern Railway 20 Ton Engineers Wagon No. 62002. Built by the Wetherall Anderson Kit Wagon Company, this exclusive limited edition run of 30 wagons is to celebrated the launch of the Bluebell Railway’s very own SR 20 Ton Dropside Engineers Wagon currently under overhaul. You will also get a commemorative collectors card and a booklet of the history of the wagon.
    All profit made goes to the Wagon Fund held by the Bluebell Railway Trust for restorations of wagon.
    These models will be released on 62002’s launch date (date to be confirmed). The pictured model below is the part-complete prototype, and for comparison we see the original wagon when previously overhauled on the Bluebell in 2002.
    Visit the Bluebell Railway Goods Division’s Shop.

Model and original of ED 62002 - original photo Richard Salmon 2002

15 March March 2021 edition of Bluebell Times


  • The March 2021 edition of Bluebell Times includes:
      – Winter Works
      – Inside the Workshops
      – Infrastructure Update
      – Heritage Skills Centre
      – Tamper Training
      – A Closer Look at … The Dukedog
      – Down Memory Line – Cowden Station
      – And much, much more.
  • EVENTS UPDATE The commercial and marketing team have reviewed the current planned events and have made a number of changes to the previous provisional schedule in the light of Covid, and commercial and practical considerations.
      – The Model Railway Weekend has been moved from June to July – it is now scheduled to take place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 July [April update – the date has changed again to 31 July & 1 August].
      – The first Bluebell Railway Beer Festival is due to take place in September (date to be announced).
      – Giants of Steam will be Friday 8 – Sunday 10 October rather than in September with visiting locomotives to be confirmed nearer the time.
      – The Diesel Gala which had been scheduled for July has been postponed until 2022 to allow more time for preparation.
      – The Diamond Anniversary steering group is enagaged in planning the ’60+ 1′ celebrations scheduled for Friday 6 – Sunday 8 August.
  • News Update A few updates on progress with Camelot’s intermediate overhaul on The 73082 Camelot Locomotive Society Facebook Page.
  • Update to our own web page for Schools-class locomotive No. 928 ‘Stowe’ which is currently under overhaul.
  • Update to the web page for Pullman Car No. 76 which has been sold, and left the Bluebell in January.
  • Update to the web page for Southern Railway Borail No. 57883 (currently on long-term loan to the Swanage Railway). The update includes an explanation as to why it was mistakenly numbered 57889 on the Bluebell.
  • TheSoutherner’s YouTube video: Steam Veterans | Pre-Grouping Locomotives in Action 2020 has a very good Bluebell showing.

13 February February 2021 edition of Bluebell Times


  • The February 2021 edition of Bluebell Times includes:
      – An update from the board on the current activity while the Railway is closed;
      – A surprise 100th birthday present for a lifetime Bluebell member;
      – A closer look at H class locomotive No. 263;
      – How smoke deflectors work;
      – Your help needed identifying some old photos;
      – Puzzles with links to local branch lines;
      – And much, much more.
  • A new Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway blog post reporting on a visit by some of the GWSR C&W Dept. to the Bluebell over Easter 2017 to ride behind ‘Flying Scotsman’.

10 February 78059 shortly after arrival at Sheffield Park - Tony Sullivan


  • An updated and improved web page is now available for the Standard Class 2 Tank Engine Rebuild Project, No. 84030, along with an updated leaflet/donation form.
    Tony Sullivan’s photo shows BR Class 2 Tender Engine 2-6-0 No. 78059 shortly after arrival at the Bluebell from Barry scrapyard in May 1983, and which provided the basis for the project.
  • Did you spot us in The Times?
    We made the list for the Pictures of the Month for January!
  • Some great video footage by Paul Ravenscroft from some of the galas held on the Bluebell in 1990, with thanks due to to Dave Bowles. Many locomotives in service then which now await their turn for overhaul.
  • Added a photo, also seen below, to the web page for Maunsell droplight open third No. 1336. The photo was kindly provided by Steve Mcnally, and shows the carriage when in departmental service at Fratton as ADS 70313 in the mid-late 1980s, shortly before we acquired it for preservation. . It entered service on the Bluebell in 2008 after a comprehensive rebuild.

ADS 70313 at Fratton - Steve Mcnally - 1986 or 1987

SR design
Goods Brake Van M360328 - Richard Salmon - October 1997 Prototype model of 12058

2 FebruaryAll-Longhedge-built train - C-class with LCDR carriages - Alex Morley - 18 June 2016


  • Update to the web page for the SECR C-class No. 592.
    The C-class and all three of our operational LCDR carriages were built at Longhedge Works, Battersea, and for the relaunch of the third carriage, on 18 June 2016, this train was assembled for the occasion, seen here in Alex Morley’s photo approaching Kingscote where a photo opportunity was staged.
  • A major update has been applied to the page for LSWR B4-class locomotive No. 94 “Normandy”, with new photos including those below:
    Nigel Sealey’s photo shows ‘Normandy’ as first overhauled, shunting at Horsted Keynes on 7 September 1986.
    Mike Esau’s photo on the right shows ‘Normandy’ at Southampton Docks for the 50th anniversary of D-Day, with the USS Guam as a backdrop, on 3 June 1994.

Normandy at Horsted Keynes - Nigel Sealey - 7 September 1986 Normandy at Southampton Docks - Mike Esau - 3 June 1994

1 FebruarySharpthorn - Mike Esau - 14 May 1993


  • Updated and revised web page for our historical important locomotive Sharpthorn. This photo shows ‘Sharpthorn’ with ‘Baxter’ (also built in 1877) for a publicity shoot on the extension north of Horsted Keynes on 14 May 1993 (Mike Esau).
    Built in 1877 by Manning Wardle & Co, Leeds, it was sold on just a year later to Joseph Firbank and used in the construction of the Lewes and East Grinstead Railway. At this point it was given the name ‘Sharpthorn’ (but note that this differs from the modern spelling used for Sharpthorne village). In 1888 it was purchased by Samuel Williams and Sons, becoming their No. 4, and for the next 70 years was employed hauling coal trains around Dagenham Dock, up to the nearby mainline sidings. After withdrawal from service in 1958 it was preserved on site, and two new photos added to the page show the locomotive at Dagenham.
    It visited the Bluebell for our centenary celebrations in 1982, and we were able to purchase this unique and important part of our line’s history a year later. It remains at present as a static exhibit, but there is interest from a team of Bluebell volunteers in caring for, and starting to make more of this historic locomotive.
  • News Update Update on the boiler work being undertaken on No. 73082 ‘Camelot’, taking advantage of the current quiet period to deal with the leaking foundation ring rivets which have recently been causing concern, and with the advantage that this enables us to obtain a new 10-year boiler certificate for this mainstay of our current operational fleet.

30 JanuaryBluebell Railway Virtual Tours


  • Our new Museum Virtual Tour allows you to take a look around the accredited Bluebell Railway Museum at Sheffield Park. More tours will be coming soon. These 360 Virtual tours are funded by the Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage, so we can continue to be #HereForCulture and #HereForYou. It has been produced by the Railway in collaboration with Stef van Vuuren of Stef’s Photography.
  • Two offers, below, supporting prjects associated with the Bluebell:
    • “Somewhere in South West London, 4VEP No. 423 417 ‘Gordon Pettitt’ is taking maximum amps as it accelerates into the dusk at the head of a diverted semi-fast service to Bournemouth.”
      Prints of this magnificent image by Tom Connell are available for sale in the SETG shop, as fundraising for the work being done by SETG to return this Bluebell-owned 4VEP unit to working order.
    • Tomorrow is last day for you to obtain Volume 5 of the Steam Locos In Profile while also supporting the Bluebell’s Wagon Fleet. The SLIPs Team have kindly offer to donate £5 towards the Wagon Fund every time a copy of Volume 5 is sold.
      The Bluebell Railway Trust are currently matching all donations into the Wagon Fund so this means all donations from the SLIPs is doubled.

'Somewhere in South West London' - print by Tom Connell sold in aid of SETG Volume 5 of the Steam Locos In Profile - supporting the Bluebell’s Wagon Fleet

29 JanuaryFenchurch's boiler with the throatplate and inner firebox removed - Tom James - 22 November 2020


25 JanuaryLMS 8F No.48624 on shed at Sheffield Park - Julian Heinemann - 30 October 2016


8 JanuaryJanuary 2021 edition of Bluebell Times


  • Amongst other items included in the
    January 2021 edition of Bluebell Times are:
      – Plans for 2021 and dates for events planned for our ’60 plus 1′ anniversary season
      – OBE in the Queen’s New Year honours for Bluebell Railway volunteer Joanne Monck.
      – Sale of industrial locomotive ‘Stamford’ (and Pullman Car No. 76 previously reported here)
      – SteamLights “Thank You”
      – Three generations of Bluebell volunteers tell of their family’s involvement
      – Purchase of negatives from the Casserley Collection, and the link to an SECR Stirling F1 tender plate obtained by the Museum
      – Photos taken on this day in 1966
  • News Update With the Railway being closed as part of the national lockdown, our locomotive workshop are taking the opportunity to carry out remedial work on No. 73082 ‘Camelot’.
    A problem had arisen caused by leaks at the foundation ring rivets. To allow these to be replaced, the boiler has been prepared for lifting, hopefully this week.
    Although there are still over 4 years remaining on the current boiler ticket, other work will be carried out as necessary whilst it is out of the frames, and will include partial retubing, with the aim of gaining a new 10 year boiler ticket.
    As things progress we will give further updates.

6 JanuaryCharter with Black 5 No. 45231 - David Cable - 26 February 2014


  • Three photos today by David Cable from a photo charter with visiting Black 5 No. 45231 organised by Jon Bowers on 26 February 2014. Check out the brilliant smoke ring in the second one below!
    You can see more from that charter in David’s SmugMug gallery from that day.
  • Dan Gosling’s video Delivering The Goods – Episode 8 features, amongst other locos, our Maunsell Q-class No. 30541 running on the Mid-Hants and Great Central Railways as well as at home.
  • Trevor Ledgeway’s video “Visit to The Bluebell Railway, 1997” features the NRM’s Bulleid Q1 and ‘Camelot’.
  • Update to the web page for Bulleid Brake carriage No. 4227 (the one with the coupé compartment) with a rescanned photo of the carriage taken at Bristol Docks, two years before its arrival on the Bluebell.

Charter with Black 5 No. 45231 - David Cable - 26 February 2014 Charter with Black 5 No. 45231 - David Cable - 26 February 2014

4 January 2021

  • News Update Infrastructure News – ASH buffer stopsInstallation of bufferstops in Locomotive Shed - Mike Hopps - 2020
    Mike Hopps’ report covers the installation during 2020 of three new dismantlable low-depth buffer stops to protect the exhibition area of the ASH (Accessible Steam Heritage) exhibition SteamWorks! from rail vehicle movements in the loco yard and running shed has been added to the Infrastructure News page.

    You can read the full report here (pdf).

    Installation of bufferstops in Locomotive Shed Report (PDF)

    Further reports from our Infrastructure teams on activities during 2020 will be made available here in the coming weeks.

  • Heritage Rail Posters’ 2021 Calendars are available to download for free, and this year feature a selection of Bluebell goods trains. Again, this is thanks to Mike Hopps.
  • Announcement published regarding change to the Interim Chairmanship of the Bluebell Railway company board.

31 December 2020Firebox cloathed - Fred Bailey - 22 October 2020


30 DecemberSteamLights - Jack Lamb - 7 December 2020


  • Jack Lamb’s photo on the right shows one of the SteamLights services on 7 December. These services were very well received by our visitors, and should have been continuing through January, but are now sadly curtailed by the Tier 4 restrictions.


  • We have a great Virtual Tour of Sheffield Park and Horsted Keynes at Christmas.
  • Two videos from Keith Duke covering some of the spectacular SteamLights event:
    The switch-on of the lights on 11 December, and a SteamLights departure from Sheffield Park on 22 December.
  • Our Santa Specias ran in a very different format this year, with social distancing in place throughout, using compartment stock, and again appeared to go down well with our visitors. Jack Lamb’s photo below shows the S15 with one of the Santa trains returning to East Grinstead at sunset, using our Edwardian and Victorian carriages.

S15 with a Santa Special - Jack Lamb - 13 December 2020 S15 on a goods train photo charter - David Cable - 8 December 2020

S15 on a goods train photo charter - David Cable - 8 December 2020

23 December

  • The latest Government announcement has placed East and West Sussex into Tier 4 (Stay at Home) from Boxing Day. As a result, the Railway is closed from this date and services from 27 December have been cancelled until further notice. *Please keep an eye on our website and social media channels for information about reopening.
    • Our customer services team will be contacting all customers with an affected booking as soon as possible. We are receiving a very high volume of enquiries at the moment, so we ask for patience and understanding at this difficult time. If you have emailed us already, please be assured your email has been logged and we will be in touch as soon as possible.
    • Our services on 24 December will be operating as planned.

14 DecemberBluebell Times - December 2020


  • The December issue of The Bluebell Times is out now!
    • An end-of-year message and reflections on 2020 from senior Bluebell Railway personnel are included in the latest issue.
    • Issue 15 also contains a special Christmas greeting from the Railway’s chaplain as well as a report and photos on the start of the SteamLights service with illuminated trains and lineside displays.


  • Our new SteamLights service was included during the BBC South East programme on 10 December. Watch a clip here.
    • Keith Duke’s new album includes photos of our new SteamLights service, which is lighting up the winter nights between Sheffield Park and Horsted Keynes.
    • Tickets are available to book for all services up to 31 January here.

7 December73082 hauling a SteamLights service - Hannah Louise Photography


  • The Bluebell Railway reopened to the public on Thursday 3 December.
    • Our brand new SteamLights service began on Thursday 3 December, and will be lighting up the winter nights on selected dates until 31 January. The photo on the right shows No. 73082 hauling a SteamLights service over the weekend (Credit: Hannah Louise Photography).
    • We are also running Santa Specials and Festive Afternoon Tea services on selected dates in the run up to Christmas.


  • Restaurant Miniature Buffet (RMB) No. 1838 has now returned to Bluebell Railway. The buffet vehicle arrived back at Sheffield Park on 3 December, after having structural repairs at Cranmore Traincare & Maintenance Services.

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