Murder Mystery Evenings

Witness the murder, then steam through the Sussex countryside while enjoying a 3-course meal and solving the heinous crime!

Embark on an unforgettable journey where mystery and fine dining intertwine, presenting you with an experience like no other – a murder mystery dinner aboard a steam train. The evening commences with pre-murder cocktails (not included in the price), setting the stage for an evening shrouded in intrigue and suspense. These initial moments are crucial, as they lay the groundwork for the enigmatic events that are about to unfold. As you sip on your drink, observe the interactions around you; these could provide the first clues to unlocking the mystery that awaits.

As the plot thickens, you’ll witness a meticulously planned murder unfold before your very eyes. This marks the beginning of your adventure into the unknown, where every detail matters, and every character becomes a suspect. The transition from witness to detective is seamless as you board the majestic Pullman carriages, hauled by a steam locomotive, stepping back in time to an era of elegance and mystery. Here, seated comfortably, you’ll be presented with detective packs and clues alongside a sumptuous three-course meal. The immersive experience continues as the train steams through the High Weald of Sussex, building up the suspense as the thrilling investigation takes place onboard.

Your role as a detective is both challenging and exhilarating. Throughout the journey, you’ll have the opportunity to cross-examine the surviving characters, piecing together their testimonies and searching for inconsistencies. Be vigilant, for among the genuine leads are cunningly placed red herrings designed to throw you off the scent. Trust no one, as the murderer is among you, weaving lies and deceit to conceal their identity. The success of your investigation hinges on your ability to discern truth from falsehood, connect all the dots, and ultimately unmask the culprit.
Good luck, detectives, for you’ll need all your wits about you to solve this dastardly crime as you take part on our Murder Mystery Evenings!

Read our synopsis for detailed information about 2024 events


To secure your place on this fantastic evening experience, contact “The Company Upfront” via the details below.

Tel: 01732 862353
Address: The Company Upfront, “Ickworth”, 9 Firbank Drive, Woking, Surrey, GU21 7QT

NEW: Dates For 2024

  • 17th May
  • 21st June
  • 12 July
  • 9th August
  • 13th September
  • 18th October
  • 15th November
  • 22nd November
  • 5th December

Price For Travel- Using Pullman Carriages – £175.00pp

The Pullman coaches used on these evenings will comprise of ‘Christine’, ‘Fingall’ & ‘Car 54’ (newly restored and introduced for 2024). For more information, click the names highlighted to find out more about this superb carriages.

Please be aware that prices have increased for 2024 due to rising costs in resources needed to operate these events.

The dates above and below may not show as sold out, however until you contact us we cannot guarantee that they are still available. Also being staged at the Bluebell Railway During Autumn and Winter 2024

1.Tickets are non-refundable. 2. The organisers reserve the right to make any changes to the programme without prior notice. 3. Cameras and recording equipment must not be used during the production at the Station. Feel free to take as any photos’ on the train as you wish. 4. If you have requested a particular carriage, or been pre-informed of the carriage in which you are located, we reserve the right to move your party to another carriage.