Find Out More Days 2022

With the Bluebell Railway now hopefully back to normal after the Covid years, we are keen to resume Find Out More Days to  give potential volunteers the opportunity to learn more about the roles that they can undertake on our railway.

While details of all of these roles can already be found on the Bluebell Railway’s Volunteering webpage, if you are not sure what job you would like to do, Find out More Days are designed to help.

These days cater for potential volunteers who have not made up their minds on which job they would like to do, by giving the opportunity to talk face to face with members of the Volunteering Team and seeing for themselves. Whilst it will be impossible to spend more than a short time at any one of the departments/locations that volunteers may be interested in, follow up sessions can, and will, be arranged.

Timetable for each Find Out More Day

10:30am    Meet at Sheffield Park station and spend 90 minutes visiting and learning about what volunteers can undertake there.

12:15pm   Break, with opportunity to buy lunch in the Bessemer Arms.

1:00pm     Travel by train to Kingscote, spending 30 minutes there, fact finding.

2:09pm     Travel to Horsted Keynes, spending 75 minutes there finding out about our Carriage & Wagon and Infrastructure departments.

3:38pm     Board the train back to Sheffield Park and discuss which roles you may be interested in undertaking, in order that next steps can be arranged for you to join us.

4:05pm      Arrive back at Sheffield Park and finish.

Dates of Find Out More Days 2022

  • Saturday 9 April
  • Sunday 8 May
  • Saturday 11 June
  • Sunday 10 July
  • Saturday 13 August
  • Sunday 11 September
  • Saturday 8 October

Booking is essential. To guarantee a place on these popular Find Out More Days, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at as soon as possible, giving details of your name, an idea of what you would like to do, if known, and the date of the of the tour you wish to join.

Details of where to meet at Sheffield Park will be given when you book your place.

Please note that you must be aged 16 or over to join one of the tours.

Suitable clothing and footwear should be worn as you will be out and about, regardless of the weather, and sandals are definitely not considered suitable at any time.

I look forward to meeting you on your tour, and perhaps then working with you in the future.

  • Graham Aitken, Volunteer Coordinator
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