Bachmann 31-392 Class 414 2-HAP 2-Car EMU 4308 BR Network SouthEast (Revised)

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Bachmann 31-392 Class 414 2-HAP 2-Car EMU 4308 BR Network SouthEast (Revised)


The 2-HAP (Class 414) is the latest unit to join the Bachmann Branchline stable of Electric Multiple Units (EMU) – joining the Class 205 ‘Thumper’, 2-EPB, 4-CEP and upcoming 4-BEP units. Our newly tooled Class 414 2-HAP 2-Car EMU No.4380 certainly looks smart in its BR Network SouthEast (Revised) livery.


  • Bachmann Branchline OO Scale
  • Era 8
  • Pristine BR Network SouthEast (Revised) livery
  • Powerful 5-pole Motor
  • Close coupling mechanism
  • Accessory Pack – including Short & Long Couplings
  • Directional Lighting
  • Working High Intensity Headlight
  • Interior Lighting
  • Speaker Ready
  • Equipped with a 21Pin DCC Decoder Socket – recommended Decoder 36-557
  • Length 540mm 


Class 414 History

The BR Class 414 (or 2-HAP) were 2-car electric multiple units that were built between 1956 and 1963. They were withdrawn in 1995. The class formed part of the Southern Region’s express fleet and were fitted with 90 mph (140 km/h) express gear ratio, which was standard for such units. This was primarily because a number of their duties involved working in multiple with the 4-CEP Express fleet, also of 90 mph maximum speed. Three batches (209 units) were built.

With the introduction of yellow warning panels from late 1963, the motor coaches of all Southern Region 2 and 3-car units were equipped with an inverted black triangle in order to provide an early visual indication to station staff as to which end of the unit the brake van was located. Under the TOPS numbering system, surviving units from the range 6001–6042 were renumbered into the 42xx series (Class 414/2) whilst those numbered 6043–6173 became 43xx (Class 414/3). Withdrawals of the Class began in 1982.