Rapido 935002. LNER Dynamometer Car 902502 in LNER Teak Finish Livery with Lining – Post 1946

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Rapido 935002. LNER Dynamometer Car 902502 in LNER Teak Finish Livery with Lining – Post 194LNER Dynamometer Car No. 902502, post 1946 LNER teak with lining. Carrying its later number No.902502 – as seen during the famous 1948 locomotive interchange trials.
For those who missed it the first time round, Rapido Trains UK is to offer a second batch of LNER Dynamometer Cars.
Rapido Trains UK is delighted to announce another run of the award-winning LNER Dynamometer Car. Rails of Sheffield has given us permission to produce this new batch of models under the Rapido Trains UK banner.

Best known as the vehicle that recorded the 126mph run of LNER ‘A4’ No. 4468 Mallard on July 3 1938, the North Eastern Railway’s test car, built at Darlington Works in 1906, is now on display at the National Railway Museum.
No. 23591 passed into LNER ownership after the Grouping of 1923 where Chief Mechanical Engineer Sir Nigel Gresley used it extensively to test his new designs and modifications against established locomotives. It was even used behind the UK’s only steam-diesel hybrid locomotive! 
Based on detailed research of the prototype, archive photographs and official drawings, this model featured exceptional interior and underframe detail, including depictions of the recording equipment and the additional speed recording wheel between the bogies. No wonder it was voted by the readers of Model Rail magazine as ‘Coach of the Decade’ in its Model of the Decade awards!