Murder Mystery Evenings

Witness the murder, then steam through the Sussex countryside while enjoying a 3-course meal and solving the heinous crime!

Following pre-murder drinks (not included in the price), witness the events which lead up to & include the dastardly crime.

Then take your seat aboard a steam train, where detective packs, clues and your 3-course meal await you.

During the journey, cross-examine the surviving characters and carry out other detective tasks.

Look-out for those tricky red-herrings, and remember that the murderer will deliberately lie to protect themselves!

Good Luck Detectives!

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Our 2021 synopses are available here.

To Book

Please contact The Company Upfront.

Tel: 01732 862353
Email: info@murder-party.co.uk
Web: www.murder-party.co.uk
Address: The Company Upfront, 1 Park Avenue, Hildenborough, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 9DE

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