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9F No. 92240 Restoration

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92240 at Kingscote - Mike Esau - 26 August 1996Fundraising to restore 9F No. 92240

We need your help…

To awaken, only let rest & not sleep!
With the 9F now out of action for around two decades, a new approach is needed to get this giant running. Andy Taylor, a volunteer from the locomotive department, is at the forefront of a new idea: sustainable funding.

  • Sustainable funding is when you can predict the income coming in and not rely on one-off donations, i.e. you can forward plan.
  • Regular donations of £15 a month (£18.75 with gift aid) to restore 92240.
  • Once 92240 has been restored, the fund will continue to support the next overhaul (meaning the locomotive will be out of traffic for a shorter amount of time).
  • The end goal would be to have the restoration of many locomotives funded this way and therefore increase the locomotive pool.

This would enable the Bluebell Railway to once more have not only one of the largest collections of steam locomotives in Britain, but to have the largest WORKING collection!

92240 moving back to Sheffield Park - Nigel Thomson - 17 November 2022News … News … News

The latest News Update – December 2022 is now available to download as a PDF.

The big news is that on Thursday 17 November, as part of the weekly shunt, 92240 was moved back down to the Sheffield Park, as seen in Nigel Thomson’s photo. There’s a further photo in the newsletter.


In November Steam Railway magazine ran a 7-page article around 92240. The article covered everything about the locomotive’s history and plans for its forthcoming overhaul. The coverage which has already raised our profile and boosted the income stream.

Photo Competition Winners - in full in this Newsletter


Over the Summer, we ran our annual photo competition, this proved very popular, raising interest in the project. We are pleased, in this issue of the newsletter, to announce and present the winners of our 2022 Photo Competition.


Have you seen our Facebook Group and our Facebook Page?


Read the full update here.

Awake the Giant News

Bluebell Railway TrustCan you help wake ‘The Giant’?

Maybe £15 per month (as little as £3.75 a week – less than the cost of a Pint!), or as little or as much as you wish to donate.

Donate Online Donate monthly On-line donations: one off or monthly can be made here – please select “Awake The Giant” from the drop-down menu.

Form to Donate by Cheque and Gift Aid declaration Standing Order form and Gift Aid declarationRegistered with the Fundraising RegulatorYou can also print out and send in the PDF Donation, Gift Aid and Standing Order forms.

The Bluebell Railway Trust is a Registered Charity, No. 292497

Other ways to help:
The new donation leaflet (PDF)

  • We would welcome anyone who could man a stall at Horsted Keynes, advertising and signing people up to regular donations,
  • Join our Facebook page

  • Join and participate on our Facebook Group and our Facebook Page,
  • If you think you can help in any other way drop me a line.
    Please contact Andy Taylor for further information.

The new donation leaflet (right) is proving to be very popular indeed, with a second print run of 1000 has been obtained. We seem to be attracting approximately 60 new donors per year through this route, with the leaflet targeting a new group of people who are not aware of the fundraising. You can download the leaflet (PDF) here.

Who is ‘The Giant’?

9F 92240, Boxing Day 2001 - Jon Bowers

Steam locomotive 9F No.92240 is one of the largest and most powerful steam locomotives built in Britain. It was among the last completed at Crewe Works in 1958. It was withdrawn in September 1965 and sold to Barry Scrapyard in Wales. After 13 years at Barry, it was bought by a group of members (headed by the late George Nickson, Pete Reid and Peter Cox) from the Bluebell Railway’s locomotive department.

Jon Bowers’ photo shows it steaming up Freshfield Bank in fine style on Boxing Day 2001.

The restoration of 92240 at the Bluebell Railway took a further 13 years, re-entering traffic in 1990 as the first restored Barry 9F to steam. It ran for only a few years before several boiler stays were found to need replacement. At this point, the boiler was re-certified for a further ten years.

It was withdrawn from service in 2002, due to the poor condition of the tubes. After many years awaiting overhaul on public view in the locomotive shed at Sheffield Park, in September 2009 it moved to be on static display alongside Platform 1 at Horsted Keynes Station. In November 2022 it was moved back to Sheffield Park.

92240 at Horsted Keynes - Derek Hayward
92240 stored at Horsted Keynes – Derek Hayward

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